SSgt Louis Bonacasa taught his daughter, Lily, the true meaning of giving. During a photoshoot while Lily was in the second grade, she told Santa that she wanted to help other children have a Merry Christmas by giving a toy to those who might not get one. It caught Santa by surprise and his eyes welled up with happy tears. 


Lily's Toy House was then created to make this dream a reality.  The drive seeks new and unwrapped toys for kids aged 1-17 years old that are less fortunate so they too can have a joyous Holiday season.

Since starting Lily's Toy house in 2019 they have donated over 1,000 toys to children in need to schools, churches, other charities and organizations! They couldn't have done it without the help of everyone who has generously donated and continue to support their mission to help others and keeping SSgt Louis Bonacasa's name alive. 

They are so humbled by the amazing generosity and they promise to keep paying it forward!