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One of our goals with the SSgt Louis Bonacasa Memorial Fund Inc. is to provide support and assistance for our Nation’s heroes and their families. Each individual’s situation is carefully reviewed to discover what we can do to help them. We can also direct them to other charities or organizations that can provide them with even more support for their needs. 

John, an Army Veteran, was struggling to pay his rent. So we gladly helped him. We understand the challenges that life may throw at us. Please know that you’re not alone. You fought for us and now it’s our turn to help. 

This beautiful van was donated to the Disabled American Veterans to ensure that our injured and ill veterans are able to get to their medical appointments in honor of our hero, SSgt Louis Bonacasa. A HUGE THANK YOU to our family at Popei's Clam Bar, Long Island ABATE and everyone who made this all possible! 

Lily's Toy House was so excited to contribute 40 Easter baskets to these adorable Coast Guard children! Bunny kisses and Easter wishes to everybunny!

It was no coincidence that I stumbled across a flyer for VA Northport’s Secret Soldier Santa Program this holiday season. Growing up as a military child and experiencing all the facets that come along with the lifestyle, I was drawn to learn about their cause - providing relief to over 100 veterans and sharing joy to over 200 of their well-deserving children. Being one of those military children herself, Santa Lily was inspired to donate ten $100 gift cards to this amazing cause!

After having the opportunity to coordinate with one of VA Northport’s program specialists, we discovered he was given a photo of Lily’s father many years before our paths crossed. In fact, the photo of SSgt Louis Bonacasa had been tucked into the frame of his Norman Rockwell “Freedom of Worship” among other collected photos of heroes. It really was meant to be.

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